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The purpose of the questions in the tutorial guide is to help interpret and apply the lecture material. Additionally, the tutorial problems and questions also allow you to practice for the final exam which will consist of similar questions. Note: there will be no answers given out to the tutorial questions or past exam papers in class or posted to Blackboard. The purpose of the questions is to allow you to apply the course material and gauge your own level of competence. Simply giving you the suggested answers will defeat this purpose. It is your responsibility to attend tutorials prepared so that you can gauge your own level of competence and are able to contribute to class discussion. However, if you are uncertain and wish to explore a topic further or test your understanding of past exam questions, please do not hesitate to consult with your tutor or lecturer. The purpose of this tutorial guide is also to allow students to develop the skills (both verbal and written) necessary to analyse problems which may arise in practice. The guide is designed to allow each student to reach the goal of being able to apply theory, knowledge and problem solving technique to fact situations that may arise in company law. It is essential that students learn to select the important issues in such fact situations and that they be able to advance, in discussion, a carefully analysed solution aimed at resolution of the factual situation based on both relevant legislation and case law. It is assumed that students will refer to the course outline and texts without specific direction. The references (if any) listed in the tutorial problems are by no means exhaustive. It is expected...

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