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I would produce a comedy about a group of people living in New York working on a new Broadway show. It shows the trial and tribulations of working in show business but also exaggerate a lot of the humors. Since it will revolve around show business, the show can also feature songs sung by the actors/ actresses which can be featured on YouTube, and sold on iTunes. It will also feature songs sung by the actors/actresses that will be featured on YouTube, and sold on iTunes. By doing this, not only can the show make money from being on TV, but it can make some money by selling songs and potentially the outreach can go to reach more listeners who will hopefully watch the show. There have been plenty of musical shows that gain a great following but sizzle out. Comedies are some of the most lucrative shows on TV, as shown by the Big Bang Theory, or Parks and Recreation. Even after the end of production, the show could be sold for syndication in order to make profits after the end of production. My show would be aimed at the 18-34 demographics because these people are up with what is current and can use social media to talk about the show. The show could be shown on TV or potentially Netflix depending on how negotiations would work.
In terms of actors, I don’t have exact names for actors on the show, but I have an idea for casting direction. A lot of the time, actors’ names do not have any correlation for the length or ratings of a show. So getting big name actors who have a have prestige makes little difference to the quality of the show. Plus, it would cost more to pay more well-known actors who can negotiate good deals. Casting would essentially be actors who either have Broadway or some form of musical background. These people would be able to sing the songs on the show and potentially bring in some viewers.
In terms of social media, since songs will be featured and sold, the radio can feature the songs. Viewers can use social media to talk about the show. Since the show will exaggerate a lot about show business, some of the funny events or ideas from the show can create buzz or a fan base. It can also have gifs which can be featured online that social media can feature it. Buzzfeed features many shows with gifs or their own articles to create buzz, such examples include Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Friends. Product placement would be discrete but there are ways for it. Songs that are featured could be from musicians or shows that want to be featured. Clothing the actors wear as well as food are other ways. However, it is difficult to pinpoint specific product placement without knowing scripts or what props would be needed.
So a combination of a lot of social media buzz, funny comedy, using music, and having a good script would be a profitable show.

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