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Trevor Dutkiewicz
May 30, 2014
CP English 11-2
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Hockey Over Everything

Hockey. What comes to mind when you think of it? Canada? Winter? Ice Skating? Most people would think that, but there is so much more to the sport than you realize. In fact, its Possibly one of the most underrated sports in America. For all of you that overlook hockey, I picked 4 simple topics for you that came from a legendary hockey quote that you will get to hear when I end this speech. it should open your eyes about how hard this sport really is. Now, I understand that most of you in here play other sports, so even if i only convince one person in here that hockey is the hardest sport to play, itll be a good day. And before any of you even start to think that my opinion wont change your mind because you think that the sport you play is harder, hear me out, I may use your sport as an example.

First off, to be a hockey player, you need the strength and power of a football player. You have to work on your body to get the power you need behind your shot. Not to mention, theres other players coming at high speeds right at you, and if you don’t like when they hit you, well, in hockey, its legal to drop the gloves and fight. So having the strength of a football player is one of the many attributes that hockey players must require.

Next skill a hockey player needs is the stamina of a marathon runner. Speed is key in hockey and having that will give you a great advantage. Youre constantly skating back and forth at the fastest speed your potential lets you, repeatedly trying to catch or get away from the next guy. Also, an NHL game has 60 minutes of gameplay action, due to the fact that between faceoffs, the clock stops and resumes onc play starts again. In football, the clock does not stop after a successful in bound play, therefore, the average gameplay in a 60 minute...

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