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Twisted Fairytale

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Not long ago, a young lad was standing in the dead centre of nowhere. He was scrambling to see anything. After a while, everything went colourful , but soon after he heard breathing. He started wondering what and where it was coming from? When things became 101% clear, he saw in the corner of his eye a shadow of a beast that was coming close. Suddenly, something made him frolic with fear, he aimed to make a run for the closest civilisation he could find but he went numb with fear. The breath of the beast was so strong, the man could smell it from a distance. As the mysterious figure came from the shadow, It turned out it was a legendary beast known as a Griffin. But as the man was glancing at it, the man noticed something that made him swallow with disgust, in its mouth was a big, brown free range chicken.

The man was so disgusted about how that Griffin gobbled that chicken up so fast he didn’t notice anything irregular going on in the backdrop. But then he did notice something going on, when he heard it, he could tell it was coming up closer by the second, the man started thinking he was back at his childhood farm and that his old horse was standing before him. “ I must be dreaming” the man wondered to himself “My horse died a long time ago and I’m pretty sure that Griffins weren’t around at that time?” but a that time, he realised that the horse standing before him, in fact, wasn’t a horse. As he took a better look at it, he thought of a creature it could be, but then hesitated. He had just had a wacky thought that the horse was a unicorn.

At that point, as the two beast came out of the shadows to show that they were too a Griffin and a two-horned Unicorn. Suddenly, the man heard an unexpected sound came out of nowhere. A rose coloured twinkling light that reminded the man of fog from the big city. Then fog changed direction. It was coming towards the two creatures. At that moment, a deafening yelp made the man twitch, the man was so anxious he started sprinting to see were it was coming from. As the man felt like he had triumph the greatest achievement accomplished ever. He’s face turned pale the second he looked up.

At first, the fog looked beautiful like the man had never seen, but he now knew that it was almost more blackhearted then Adolf Hitler. The Fog had put the two together, a pair of horns on a Griffins head with the neck and body of a unicorn with Griffins majestic wings and lion-like legs. The man was almost frightened to death yet flabbergasted at what he had seen. The glorious roar of the Griffin and the united beast bolted east, far away from the scene.

It was then that the man decided to start running after the flying horse, It felt like he was going to the Moon and back, without the fun of riding a spaceship. It took the man 10 days searching, then he heard in the distance, another roar, then a scream of a girl. That girl wasn’t just any girl, it was the man’s daughter, Sophia. The man charged for the direction the scream was coming, unaware that the beast was expecting him. As the man positioned at the front of the Enchanted forest, he made out the words “Daddy, where are you”, so the man took a step into the darkness and ran in. Meanwhile, the beast was watching the man’s entry and hid under a bush. “What should I do to you” declared the beast “Oh I know, it must be nearly Dinner time, isn’t it”

The man’s eye’s slowly opened as the man woke up from a confusing dream. Autumn (who was standing right in front of him) said, “Mummy, Daddy is finally awake!” In a quick dash, the man’s wife and other child, Liam, ran into to the room. “Dad,” muttered Liam, “can you tell a story, please?” As the man thought about what his son had just said, he remembered his recent dream. “Ok, but just one story” the man replied. The family sat down next to the bed, “Not long ago, there was a young lad…

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