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The Campus Wedding Case – The “A” case
1. Given the activities and precedence relationships described in the (A) case, develop a network diagram for the wedding plans. The following table contains the activities, expected activity times, and crashing information.
Activity Duration (days) Predecessor Activities Crash Cost Crash Time
1. Reserve Church 1
2. Church Notice Wait 17 1. Reserve Church $100 10
3. Decorate Church 3 2. Church Notice Wait
4. Travel from Guatemala 10 $500 2
5. Fit Dress 2 4. Travel from Guatemala
11. Sew Dress
6. Choose Cake 2
7. Jack’s Catering Lead Time 10 6. Choose Cake
8. Rehearsal Dinner 1 7. Jack’s Catering Lead Time
18. Get Bridesmaids Gifts
9. Choose Pattern 3
10. Order and Receive Lace 8 9. Choose Pattern $25 5
11. Sew Dress 11 10. Order and Receive Lace $120/day Can be crashed 5 days.
12. Clean and Press Dresses 2 5. Fit Dress $30 1
13. Choose Invitations 3
14. Order and Receive Invitations 12 13. Choose Invitations $35 5
15. Address Invitations 4 14. Order and Receive Invitations
19. Prepare Guest List $25/day Can be crashed 2 days.
16. Take to Post Office 1 15. Address Invitations
17. Invitation Lead Time 10 16. Take to Post Office $200 8
18. Get Bridesmaids Gift 1
19. Prepare Guest List 4
20. Wedding 1 3. Decorate Church
8. Rehearsal Dinner
12. Clean and Press Dresses
17. Invitation Lead Time

2. Identify the paths, which are critical.
There are 7 paths through the network. The paths and their length are as follows:
PATH 1: Reserve Church (1) – Church Notice (17) – Decorate Church (3) – Wedding (1) -- length 22 days.
PATH 2: Travel from Guatemala (10) – Fit Dress (2) – Clean & Press (2) – Wedding (1) -- length 15 days.
PATH 3: Choose Cake (2) – Jack’s Catering (10) – Rehearsal Dinner (1) – Wedding (1) – length 14 days.
PATH 4: Choose Pattern (3) – Receive Lace (8) – Sew Dress (11) – Fit Dress (2) – Clean & Press...

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