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Twitter Analysis of Lululemon Swimwear

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How Has the Market Reacted to New Launch of Lululemon Swimwear?
Lululemon, a yoga inspired athletic company, has continued to be a “must have” for both yoga practitioners and runner’s worldwide. Lululemon’s utilization of high performance fashionable fabric, with sweat-wicking capabilities has created a strong customer base with continuous growth opportunities due to its strong brand loyalty among users. “Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the technical features we (sometimes literally) weave into our products, to the people we work with and relationships we build”. Lululemon thus far has been known for their distinguished yoga and running products but is looking to become a new entrant in the swimwear industry. As of March 31st 2014 Lululemon dropped a new line of swimwear exclusively sold online. Gathering customer feedback and overall impressions of the new product is vital for executives at Lululemon to measure the future success of their swimwear line. As summer is soon approaching Lululemon needs to market their swim line effectively to compete with well-known lines such as Victoria Secret and general department stores. Through the use of twitter search I was able to gather a list of tweets in relation to the keyword “Lululemon Swimwear” which would be of use to a marketing executive at Lululemon. Specifically of the 25 tweets I have gathered, 5 resulted in a direct purchase of Lululemon swimwear and 23/25 tweets had a positive sentiment assigned to such tweet. Also 10/25 tweets directly stated that this new line of swimwear is a “must have” item. This information can be useful for management as it seems as though the market is responding very positively to their new line of swimwear but the amount of purchases are not significant relative to the amount of tweets posted. This could be due to the fact that the products are only currently...

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