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What is a Twixter?
They're not kids anymore, but they're not adults either.
In the past, people moved from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence to adulthood, but today there is a new, intermediate phase along the way.
Twixter is a new generation of Americans who are trapped, in a sense between adolescence and adulthood.
Twixters are typically young adults. Usually somebody over the age of 20 that still displays all the immature characteristics of an adolescent either by choice or not. It is full grown men and women who still live with their parents, who dress and talk and party as they did in their teens, hopping from job to job and date to date, having fun but seemingly going nowhere. If they are employed, they often have unsteady and low-paying jobs. They may have recently left university or high school, or recently embarked on a career. These young adults also typically marry later than usual.
What views do we get from the 2 articles?
In the first article we get a view of what a twixter is. They are a lot more complicated than an ordinary person, who has moved out from his/hers parent’s house. We get that view that twisters just don’t want to grow and be an adult. They want to be and feel young and live the party life. Not only that they don’t want to move out from their parent’s house – the parent’s also want them to live near themselves.
In the second article we read about a person who is a twixter. He lives with his parent’s. He has a job, and he commute like crazy, he is spending hours each day more or less on his own. When he do get home, he has learned that it is better to follow the rules of the house than not. Complete communication, not doing anything he would not feel comfortable talking about, and treating his roommates as roommates, not parents or brothers or sisters, is important. He does feel conflicted about living at home. Sometimes he says that he gets sad and thinks “I am not living life to its fullest.” But then he thinks about what he would be doing otherwise, and he probably can't come up with anything fantastic.
The positive and negative things about being a twixter
I find it positive and negative to be a twixter. First the positive things: I think it is positive that they are living at home with their parent’s, because you never know when you need their help for something. I also think it is positive because parent’s can take care of you, I know that if you’re an adult, you can take care of yourself, but when your parent’s are close to where you live you will always feel that you are protected.
Now the negative things: I’m thinking how could it be positive to be 18 years old and still not could handle the responsibilities about themselves? I find it very negative that the twixters are growing slowly, and they are not complete, when they are supposed to be complete. They should take more responsibility, learn more about the life and they should believe that they can do whatever they want to do.
My own personal view of twixters
In the start when I began to read about the twixters, and I knew what it was, I found many problems. I’m finding a twixter like a child that only wants to eat his or hers candy, because they don’t want to grow old and be and adult.
The second thing is that they behave like a child, because they don’t take responsibility. It’s just like that they want their parent’s to keep an eye on them so they don’t do anything stupid.
The third thing is that the twixters grows slowly, and they are not complete, when they are supposed to be complete. I find that like “Peter Pan” who always want to be a child and never wants to grow old. Twixters and Peter Pan are not taking responsibility. They just want have fun I can say that.


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