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Two Jobs Comparing

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Comparing the two job I had as a Home Health Aide and Medical Assistant Both Home Health Aide and Medical Assistant deal with patients.
Home Health Aide is you’re going to the patient’s home and helping them with their personal stuff. This is what you need to do: if they did assistance with bathing, getting dressed, cleaning and cooking for them nutritional meals. Some patients need more assistant than others. Home Health Aide’s go with their patients to doctor’s appointment and also need to do food shopping and laundry. Their job is to be personal assistant for a couple of hours or 24 hours. Medical Assistant is more intense because we work in private practice or hospital. We are like nurses. We do Clinical and Administrative job, we draw blood, EKG, help the doctor in procedure, e-script prescriptions at doctors order, give appointments, do verification of insurance etc. Our job as a Medical Assistant can vary in depending on size of the practice and the amount of work the physician’s choice to give us. Also we are responsible in keeping information confidential and only discuss it only with other Medical Assistant personal who are involve in treating the patient. We deal with electronic charting for the patient could have their chart all together and it is paper less and now they can see their chart online. We also help the patient to feel ease in the physician’s office and explain what the physician orders. I liked working as a Home Health Aide, but I love being a Medical Assistant because I meet every day different patients and help them every day with them staying in a good...

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