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Two Sides to Every Story

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There is always two sides to every story ever told, People have been taught to only observe and understand one side of every story. But only observing one side of a story blocks our way of perceiving a event or action taken. There are many examples of how viewing stories from one side can change our perspective on it such as in children’s books, car accidents, and in the kony 2012 project.

Every child has grown up reading both nonfiction and fiction childhood stories. Some with animals singing and others with people becoming a hero to save the day. One famous fiction children story is the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. In most cases the story is told from the pig’s point of view of how the wolf ate two of his brothers and blew down their houses made of straw and wood. The wolf was seen as the antagonist between the two. When reading the book you only got one side of the full story and your perception was the same of the pigs, that the wolf was evil. But only recently have authors published books which tell the story from the wolfs point of view. Which helps you develop your own thoughts on how the event really took place. Based on the wolfs perception of the time of day, how it occurred, and the end result of the story of the three little pigs.

In the U.S. there are approximately 6,500,000 car accidents per year, all of which involve two or more people. Based on how the accident happened and if there were any witnesses to the event. Affects rejection of a license, Prison time, and how much money you get/have to pay. So people will often lie and change the original story to protect themselves. So the court must get a second opinion or second viewpoint of the situation to further investigate the accident. Receiving two sides of the story is very crucial in that situation because a lot depends on the truth.

The film's purpose was to promote the charity's "Stop Kony" movement to make African cult and militia leader, indicted war criminal and the International Criminal Court fugitive Joseph Kony globally known in order to have him arrested by the end of 2012, when the campaign expired. The film spread virally. The movement spread quickly throughout the U.S. Many Young adults and celebrities were determined to helping the invisible children foundation to find and arrest joseph kony who was hiding in Uganda. The video itself only presented a one way aspect or view of the situation that was much bigger than that video. The video presented a one sided perspective. But little did research on their own to find out the other half of the story. Ugandans politicals saw the video and were shocked to see how late the media was because the event had happened years ago during the war in the country. They confirmed that joseph kony had left the country almost 3 years prior to the video releasing. Once the real story got out the medias perspective on the situation changed which proves that you need both sides of the story to fully achieve a strong position on where to stand.

There is always two sides to every story whether it’s on small scale like a children’s book or on a bigger scale like a global propaganda. It’s essential to have more than one perspective on a topic to get a clear educated opinion on the topic. This quote applies to many examples throughout our everyday lives.

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