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Type 2 Diabetes: A Qualitative Study

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Type of Research
The type of research conducted was a qualitative study that examined the effects self-management education on how Type 2 Diabetes patients’ make and maintain lifestyle changes.
Purpose of Study
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of Type 2 Diabetes self-management education program on its participants to “make and maintain lifestyle changes” (Rise, et al, 2013).
The researcher sought to determine if Type 2 Diabetics have healthier lifestyles following participation in diabetes management education group programs.
Participants of the study each underwent a qualitative semi-structured interview. The study consisted of a total of 23 participants that had undergone an educational program
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The leaders of the diabetes self-management programs would share the opportunity to members about the interview study. If anyone was interested, they were to let the leader know who would inform the researchers, allowing them to contact the program members interested. All program members were invited and volunteers were allowed as well, leading to the formation of a convenience sample. Each participant was an adult between the ages of 35-74 that had a confirmed diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. There were no criteria concerning the levels of A1c the individuals needed in order to participate. The study excluded individuals that had recently taken an education program within the last 12 …show more content…
The researchers analyzed the data present using “systematic text condensation, a qualitative method inspired by and based on psychological phenomenological analysis” (Rise, et al., 2013). The psychological phenomenological analysis is used to describe the “essential nature of an experience, often through the identification of essential themes” (Polit, et al., 2010). The benefit of using phenomenological analysis is that is allows researchers to use interview data along with “field notes from observations, or written text, and is exploratory and descriptive” (Rise, et al., 2013). The interview scripts were read twice by researchers in order for them to obtain adequate information and develop a solid meaning to the answers. This allowed the researchers to determine and code information, which is when data is used to identify themes with the highest priority. Afterwards, researcher further divided themes into subgroups. The data collected was valid through reference of the interview transcript and what connections that it had. The research used ongoing coding while conducting interviews until there was “topic saturation, when it was clear that no new themes or links emerged” (Rise, et al., 2013). The researchers included quotes from participants on their experience, outcome, and advice after going through an educational program.

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