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Types and Uses of Renewable Energy and Their Influences

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Types and Uses of Renewable Energy and Their Influences
DeVry University
Professor Anthony Baker
Team E
Vincent Murr, Alisia Ngo, Mark Pick,
Kristine Reed & Venrick Richards

Contents Introduction-Alisia Ngo 3 The Uses and Science of renewable Energy 7 History of Renewable Energy- Vincent Murr 10 Political Influence-Vincent Murr 15 Impact on the economy – Mark Pick 20 Cultural Issues-Kristine Reed 31 Environmental Effects- Kristine Reed 34 Moral and Ethical Concerns-Venrick Richards 38 Conclusion-Venrick Richards 46 References 50

Introduction-Alisia Ngo

Throughout the 20th and 21st century, fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas have been essential to our way of life. In the past several decades scientists have warned that coal and oil have been diminishing and that it could take thousands of years for the earth to replenish what we have already used. With that being said finding other resources of energy is crucial to the conservation of our way of life as we know it. Evidence has shown that the U.S. relies heavily on oil, coal, and natural gas for its energy. So finding new ways to substitute these sources of energy through renewable energy like wind, and sunlight needs to be a high priority for local and state governments nationwide.
In this paper I will explain why the need for renewable energy is so important to the environment and our way of life. I will speak specifically on the many types of renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power, and how using these resources directly and indirectly can help to wean the U.S. off of the non-renewable energy that we so greatly depend on. The conservation of non-renewable energy can be achieved by using wind, sunlight, and water and also finding new ways in which to use them that help us sustain some if not all of the conveniences that we...

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