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Types, Causes, Effects and Management Strategies of Conflicts

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This research was on types, causes, effects and management strategies among University Administrators in south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to find out the extent to which conflict occur among the University Administrators, the types, causes, effects, and management strategies of conflicts among University administrators in federal, state and private Universities of south-south geo-political zone of Nigeria. The study adopted an expo-facto design using a descriptive survey approach. Nine research questions were raised and eight hypotheses were formulated. The study population comprised of 638 university administrators from 17 Universities in south-south geo-political zone of Nigeria as at 2012/2013 academic year out of which, 322 University administrators from 11 Universities were sampled representing 50% of the population, using stratified random sampling. The instrument used for the study was types, causes effects and management strategies of conflict questionnaire to solicit responses from 322 senior university administrators that is 118 federal, 122 state and 82 private. The reliability of the instrument was established using the test-retest method, and a coefficient of 0.70 was obtained using Pearson correlation moment. The data collected were statistically analyzed, using frequency count, mean, percentages and standard deviation for the research questions while one way analysis of variance for the hypotheses formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significant. The findings in the research revealed that conflicts occur frequently among the university administrators especially conflict between academic administrators; and the university authorities, followed by inter-personal conflict among the principal officers of universities, conflict between the non-teaching administrative staff and the government, conflict…...

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