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Types of Tv Shows

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For decades now, TV shows have been a significant part of our everyday lives. They are an outstanding form of entertainment and enjoyment for many people. There are various types of TV shows, which are demonstrated in all countries around the world. In fact, TV shows can be classified into three types of categories according to their content: culinary, dance, and fashion.
The first type of TV show is the culinary TV shows, which have been gaining popularity since 2012 (as specified in a study carried out in the framework of omnibus CAPI). At the end of 2012 it was noted that 13 percent of viewers confessed to regularly watching programs about cooking and 54 percent of them are devoted to watching these types of shows regularly. Some of the most popular and entertaining reality cooking shows made popular by Chef Gordon Ramsey, who is known for his controversial behavior and expert of the culinary arts, include: Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Another set of popular reality cooking shows includes: Top Chef and Master Chef. In both cooking reality TV shows, Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef, are participating professional chefs competing against each other for the top chef position. This kind of drama of course provides the audience with a huge dose of excitement and amusement. In contract to Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef kitchen provides a different view in the sense that the audience sees the struggles of the amateur professionals in the show and this proves to be interesting and enlightening. People like to watch TV programs on this subject, because they are inspirational and provide a huge dose of entertainment.
While culinary programs are increasingly popular, another category that was more popular than cooking are programs concerning dancing and dance skills. One of the most popular and famous programs of this category type was Dancin‘On Air, which...

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