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Types of Brands

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Brands are often just a famous name for a product, most of the time people are just paying for the name. The product could be a lollipop but if it’s from a known designer that lollipop is going to sell for a higher cost and people will pay because they want anything that designer has. In some cases Brand named items really do make a difference and sometimes spending that extra penny really does matter. One thing that does matter to me is a car brands. Higher quality cars ride better, perform better, and usually look better, and one brand that I am sold on is Lexus. This brand is so classic and stylish; it is a luxury brand that ranks higher than most other brands. The reason I am so passionate about Lexus is quite simple, the overall performance is what sold me. Lexus cars are very unique and comfortable, the inside of the car is simple but yet have all the modern technologies any other car has. The seats are very comfortable, and the ride quality is second to none. Driving in this car is very enjoyable and always relaxes me. I was never big on driving, in fact I would refuse to drive people would come pick me up. Now I am so comfortable driving that I don’t notice how often I am on the go. The last reason I am so passionate about this brand is because it’s a high end Toyota, everyone knows that Toyotas last forever and hold their value. In other words Lexus hold there price values over time and they will last longer than most cars on the road. Toyota and Lexus owners are happy because their vehicles hold more than just their beloved passengers and possession but they also hold their value over time. (“Lexus Named Top Luxury Brand in Kelley Blue Book's Best Resale Value Awards.. Again,” 2015).
When Toyota introduced Lexus into the United States 26 years ago, it won over luxury car buyers. In fact people didn’t know that Lexus was made by Toyota or that there where…...

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