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Typhoon Yolanda Case Study

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In the case of Typhoon Yolanda the co-ordination of many teams of search and operations was poorly coordinated. Some of them could not agree on basic statistics about number of casualties. Aside from the teams that came in to Leyte, there were many different activities that have to be coordinated. Hanssen (2015) said that in search and rescue operations it is important for operation leaders to have relevant information at hand in a timely manner. Many such operations involve rather ad hoc organization, since they may depend on effort from various volunteers, amateurs and experts in different fields that are willing to help. There may be different organizations and different cultures involved, using current tools and collaboration patterns. It may be challenging to coordinate the effort in an efficient and effective manner while at the same time we do not want to compromise the safety of the involved personnel.
Virtually however, the Philippine government claims to have an NDRR Plan which was created in 2012 a year before typhoon Yolanda had a land fall in
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The use of portable command post application based on mobile devices provides support communication and collaboration to speed up the SAR process (Bartels et al., 2010). However, there are other high technologies for search and rescue operations. Latifi (2011) cited Cospas/Sarsat (CIS) organization, an international consortium sponsored by Canada, France, Russia, and the United States with headquarters in Montreal, Canada is designed for collaborating with government and national SAR organizations has been in operation since 1982. It is a technology that provides collaboration 365-days-a year/ 24 hours-a-day global emergency location service in response to calls from approved distress worldwide in collaboration with local

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