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Tyranny Dbq Analysis

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It was the year of 1777 that the Americans finally got their freedom from the British during the Revolutionary War. Since they were an independent country, they had to create their own government to control the country. The solution to this was to create the Articles of Confederation, but with it came many problems for the still developing country. Ten years later in the May of 1787 in the city of Philadelphia, fifty-five delegates from all states, excluding Rhode Island, met together to discuss the problems created the Articles of Confederation. Alexander Hamilton, one of the framers of the Constitution, had to make the Constitution tyranny-proof, which was a major issue confronted during some of the conventions. Tyranny is when one or more individuals obtain absolute power over others and possibly become a dictator. In the end, the framers came up with four different ways that the Consitution guarded against tyranny using federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and the Great Compromise.

The first way that the Constitution guarded against tyranny was federalism. Federalism means that power is shared
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As stated in the Federalist Papers #47: Doc B, "The accumulation of all the same hands...may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny." It also states that "Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct." This prevents tyranny because no department will be able to gain more power than the other. The second quote mentions that the departments should be "separate and distinct," meaning that no person should be part of more that one department at the same time. Also, the first quote says that "the accumulation of all the same hands...may be justly pronounced the very definition of

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...DBQ: How did the Constitution Guard against Tyranny? Did you know that the constitution was actually kinda written on accident? Originally 55 wealthy, white, males came together in Philadelphia in 1787 to fix and make corrections to the Articles of Confederation. They specifically needed to fix no chief executive, no court system, stronger government, and many more things. This meeting was later called the Constitutional Convention. With trying to fix all these problems, they all agreed on one thing, no tyranny. Tyranny is a cruel and oppressive government or rule. An example of this would be king George. He was not giving the colonists their unalienable rights. The Constitution guarded against tyranny in many ways. These include federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and The Great Compromise. The Constitution guarded against tyranny through federalism. Federalism is the federal principle or system of government. James Madison wrote about federalism. He wrote about it because he wanted to get people to ratify the constitution. Doc A is an excerpt from Madison’s Federalist Paper 51. Federalism guarded against tyranny because as Madison put it “Liberty requires that the three great departments should be separate and distinct” (Madison, Federalist Paper #47). The evidence says it all. We MUST have the three departments...

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