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U.S. Compared to Canada

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Abstract The purpose of this researcher paper to compare health care systems in three highly advanced developed countries: The United States of America, Canada and Germany. The first part of this research paper will focus on the portrayal of health care systems in the above-mentioned countries, while the second part will examine, evaluated and compare the three systems. Finally, a synopsis of recent changes and proposed future reforms in theses countries will be provided as well.

The U.S. Health Care System in Perspective According to (The World Bank Group, 2012), the United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The U.S. health care delivery system is complex and massive. It is ran by the government and financed through general taxes. 49.9 million Americans were uninsured in 2010 and 256.2 million were insured (Stark, 2012). The U.S. health care delivery is divided into many sub systems: Managed Care, Military, Vulnerable Populations and Integrated Delivery. Managed Care seeks to achieve efficiency by integrating the basic functions of healthcare delivery. It is the most leading health care delivery system in the United States and is available to most Americans. Employers and government are the primary financiers of managed care. The Military medical care system is available free of charge to active duty military personnel of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Costal Guard. Certain uniformed nonmilitary services such as the Public Health Services and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) also receive free medical care. The military medical care system is well organized, highly integrated and comprehensive. Vulnerable populations are groups that are not well integrated into the health care system because of ethnic, cultural, economic, geographic, or health characteristics. This isolation puts members of these...

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