U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow

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U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow
This paper reviews four important trends in our educational system today across America and discusses the impact of these trends on our future educational system. We live in an ever evolving world with constant changes that are affecting every aspect of our lives daily. Our educational system has not been immune to these changes and shouldn’t be since these changes and our ability to adapt to these changes will determine our future academic success and our place in a global society.
Trend 1: Diverse & Older Population
America has always been a melting pot of diversity, but current statistics show that in the near future minorities will become the majority percentage of the population (Pearson, 2010). Immigration, legal and illegal, have been substantial for a long time now and is changing the needs that educational systems have to address. For example, the need for qualified and minority teachers who can teach English as a second language will and does continue to grow (Pearson, 2010). Educators will have to adapt to this also by being more sensitive to various cultures and perhaps re-evaluate the current curriculum to promote multicultural literacy. Furthermore, the number of people that will retire will be doubled by the year 2050 and there will be fewer people of working age paying into the tax system that helps support education and elder services (Pearson, 2010). Because of this, financial constraints most likely will limit some of the programs progress needed to implement these changes and meet the needs of the new and more diverse student body. When we have a larger aging population, they too will require more funding for their services and health care needs. There will be the dilemma of caring for our elderly who contributed so much, or investing in our youth and their education so that this…...