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UHCL Honesty Code

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HealthCare System in CHINA HADM 5032 Amrutha Kurakula 03/29/2015 UHCL HONESTY CODE
“I will be honest in all my academic activities and will not tolerate dishonesty.”
Submission of this exam/assignment certifies my compliance with the UHCL Honesty Code that I signed at the start of the semester. I pledge on my honor that I have complied with this policy, inclusive of not acquiring unauthorized information or assistance, not providing others with unauthorized information or assistance, avoiding …show more content…
In acupressure same points are used, but therapists massage them one or two at a time. Acupuncture is believed to have greater effects than acupressure. Acupuncture is considered useful in preventive healthcare.
How traditional Chinese medicine is different from western medicine: Traditional chinese medicine (TMC) Western Medicine
Focusses on holistic approach, whole body. Emphasize on specific part of the body

Based on yin and yang Based on western medicine which focusses on anatomy, parasitology, pathophysiology etc., to know why and hoe diseases happen
Experiential technology which is evidence based and gathered through personal experience Scientific technology which started with the discovery of electromagnetic waves and has immense influence on human life.
The basis of TMC which is Yin and Yang are invisible
Different TMC doctors have different therapies based on their individual experience All doctors and physicians follow the same rules and guidelines for any procedure.
Doctors focus on illness along with the patients feelings Physicians focus on illness alone.

Chinese Herbal …show more content…
To improve the patient care, the quality has to be further improved. The most important challenge faced in improving the quality is non uniformity of health care personnel. In addition to that current training and experience of healthcare professionals is relatively low compared to other countries lie America. This low quality is particularly prevalent in rural areas. According to a survey conducted it is noted that many village doctors do not have proper training and had received an average of only 20 months of medical

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