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U.N. Worries Troops Caused Haiti’s Cholera

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The latest disaster to hit Haiti, has been the cholera outbreak. The attached article addresses concerns from the United Nations, regarding mounting circumstantial evidences linking the outbreak to the U.N. Peacekeepers from Nepal. The Nepalese base housing 454 U.N. peace keepers located on a waterway called Boukan Kanni, which is a part of the Meile River. This river drains off into the Artibonite River. Haitians living in this rural area complained of the stench coming from behind the base and having spotted waste in the river. During the summer Nepal had outbreaks of cholera; the deployment to Haiti was not until October. No symptoms of the disease were evident in any of the peacekeepers, but 75% of people infected with this disease may not show symptoms and can infect persons for a period of two weeks. These implications are serious with regards to the United Nations.
Haiti was hit in 2004 by tropical storm Jeanne killing around 3006 people, in 2008 tropical storm Fay, Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, and Ike devastated the island leaving untold count of Haitians dead. The country’s most severe earthquake in over 200 years stuck on January 12, 2010. All the above mentioned disasters are acts of God; the cholera epidemic, prior was the Beri-beri epidemic in Haiti’s penitentiary which reportedly was caused by the manufacturing process used in the United States processed rice and the traditional Haitian rice cooking method was killing the young men behind bars and leaving others morbidly ill. The latter are acts of mankind. When I was in my adolescent years, I was introduced to a woman, named “Haitian Marie” who was my aunt through marriage to my uncle. Weekly we would have family gatherings at another’s aunt’s house Haitian Marie occupied a floor with my uncle they were often present for the gathering. She would share many of horrific experiences that she endured in her motherland of Haiti, she was born 1914, and she is or would be 96 years old. I don’t remember a lot of her history but I do recall that she was there during the requiem of the Duvalier family (Papa and baby Doc). she was seamstress by trade, very fair-skinned, with eyes that changed color depending on her mood. She would often say “that her looks is what took from poverty that was unimaginable to freedom in the United States. Other members of her had tried to escape from the island by boat, she said, ‘one of siblings did make to the United States by boat but was deported after being there for three months. A nephew was here as a cook for a family who was involved in the politics with United Nations. No matter what disasters happened here she would always say count your blessing you can’t even imagine my years in Haiti. I know she was heavy into voodoo but at the same time she was a devout Roman Catholic. She often insinuated that she did many things that she was not proud of to help feed her family. Haitian Marie returned to her country in the summer of 1995, our family knows she arrived but she was never heard from since. What a novel she could have penned.
The negligence which stems from various governmental agencies which so purpose is to aid not contribute to an already horrendous situation.
The Haitians have had to endure more than their share of grieve but the endurance comes from within this is all they know basically and still they stand proud.

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