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US Postal Service Workers

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U.S Postal Service Workers have the greatest impact on the daily life of an average citizen because the delivery of mail is the oil that keeps America running. Without the postal workers, without exception American’s everyday life would be altered greatly. The unofficial motto of the US Postal Service is, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of the appointed rounds.” In essence, it means nothing will detain the postal service from providing your mail to anyone, since your mail correspondence remains essential. If the US Postal Service did not deliver our mail, or even experienced a delay our correspondence, the consequence for all of us would often become costly financially, health wise, and travel wise.
Financial Risks
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If the U.S Postal Service could not provide relatively efficient delivery of mail, countless Americans would incur extra late fees and fines in view of the fact that they would be powerless when paying bills on time. Once a year, millions of people file a tax return to federal and state governments. Occasionally, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will ask questions concerning those returns. If mail delivery stops even for a minimal number of days, it could affect your payment/return from the IRS, and could cause you undue stress considering you were not aware of the issue or missed a deadline. Another example includes a cable or medical bill. If a company sends a bill to a customer, and the Postal Service did not deliver reliably, the customer may pay the bill late, causing late fees, and maybe even affecting the credit history, on account of payment was not made on time, which can increase how much money a person pays for car and home loans through interest rate

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