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To: Dr. Nguyen From: Derek Su Date: November 22, 2015 Subject: Uber Extra Credit Project

What is Uber?

Uber Technologies Inc. is a network orchestrator, connecting passengers with drivers. Uber manages a network of drivers and passengers through a phone app. It also provides options and varieties in the transportation service.

Business Model:

Step 1 (Request a cab): The first step in the business model of Uber is about creating a demand. People have a smartphone app, which lets them request a cab instantly or schedule it for some time later.

Step 2 (Matching): As soon as the request is made, a notification about your details is sent to the nearest driver. Cab driver has the option to accept or reject the ride. In case he rejects, notification is sent to another driver in that area.

Step 3 (Ride): Customer can track the cab when it is arriving and the ETA is also shown to the customer. The meter starts as soon as the customer sits in the cab, which can be tracked through the customer side app as well. Friendly drivers make sure that the ride is comfortable for the passenger.

Step 4 (Payment & Rating): Once the ride is over, customer gets an option to rate the driver. Rating system is an important part of Uber’s business model as it lets a person know about the driver before booking a ride and helps him trust the driver.

Revenue Streams:

* Car rides on per km/mile basis * Surge pricing technology: Whenever the demand increases, per mile prices are automatically increased. The new price depends on the number of available drivers and the number of requests made by people who want to travel. Uber has applied for a price surge technology patent in the US. * Different cab models to cater to everyone like UberX, Uber Taxi, Uber Black, Uber SUV etc. * Uber Cargo, Uber Rideshare etc.


Lyft, Curb, Sidecar and Didi Dache.

Venture Capitals:
Baidu, Benchmark Capital, Bezos Expeditions, Blackrock, Fidelity Investments, First Round Capital, Founder Collective, Goldman Sachs, Google Ventures, Jumpstart Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lone Point Capital, Lowercase Capital, Menlo Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Qatar Investment Authority, Summit Partners, TPG Growth, Valiant Capital Management, Wellington Management.

Growth Catalysts:

* Intense city-by-city launches * Free rides * Experiential word of mouth

Growth Obstacles:

* Lawsuits * New city launch * Trust and safety issues * Regulatory challenges

Current Valuation: 60 Billion

This summer, Uber has completed a new round of funding that values this company at 51 billion. Valuations of private companies are soaring partly because mutual funds, hedge funds, sovereign-wealth funds and other investors not traditionally known for pouring money into startups are now flocking to those that look especially promising.

Here are some catalysts stimulating Uber to grow:

* More than just urban: While the car service application remains most popular in urban areas, it’s making inroads into exurbia and suburbia. A presentation to potential investors in the company put Uber’s gross billings for 2015 at $10.84 billion. These are unofficial and may have some hype built into them, but even if that number over estimates revenues by 20% or 25%, it represents a jump of 400% from 2014 levels. * Drawing in new customers: This increase in the car service market comes from customers who would never have been in this market in the first place. * With more diverse offerings: The ride sharing market is also no longer just a cab service, but instead has expanded to include alternatives that expand choices, reduce costs (car pooling services) or increase flexibility. * Going global: The biggest stories on ride sharing came from markets outside of the U.S., as the ride sharing market exploded in regions like India and China. That should really come as no surprise since these countries offers the trifecta for ride sharing opportunities: large urban populations, with limited car ownership and bad mass transit systems.

Uber has been spending big on trying to crack specific international markets, such as the Chinese market, where it faces some fast growing (and well funded) local competition — raising around $1.2 billion last month to fuel its growth there, and another $1 billion in July focused on India.

The company has also signaled its ambitions go beyond getting people from A to B, with merchant delivery programs, such as food delivery (Uber Eats) and a same-day courier service (Uber Rush), being piloted and soft launched in various cities.

Advantages of Waiting to IPO:

* Uber will be more mature. As its CEO said “We are still like eighth graders.” * Access to cash from private investors * Don’t need to report to SEC and disclose financial documents to the public * Public companies are faced with the added pressure of the market * Save IPO expenses * Stock price may be devalued

Disadvantages of Waiting to IPO: * Won’t be able to increase publicity * Can’t get more capital * Can’t access liquidity

Comparative Analysis:


Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA): * IPO valuation: 25 Billion, $68 per share * Underwriters: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup * IPO date: September 19th 2014 * First-day closing price: $93.89 * Current price: $81.15


Facebook (FB): * IPO valuation: 104 Billion, $38 per share * Underwriters: Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. * IPO date: May 18th 2012 * First-day closing price: $38.23 * Current price: $107.3

Uber’s IPO Expectation:

If Uber goes public this year, I would expect its IPO price will be somewhere between $40 to $50 per share. However, if it goes public in 2016, its IPO price may increase because Uber is growing revenue 300% year to year. When Facebook was at a 50 billion valuation in January 2011, its revenue only had soared 154% the year prior. If Uber is still at 50 billion valuation, it is valued higher than 80% of the S&P 500 companies.

Expansion is easy for Uber. As tempting as it can be to think of Uber as a transportation company, it is really a software company with one app that has been optimized for service in more than 300 cities in 60 countries. Uber also extends its app through a programming interface (API) that allows other services to plug in as they wish. Uber is also no longer just a cab service, but instead has expanded to include alternatives that expand choices, reduce costs (car pooling services) or increase flexibility.

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