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Uburger Goes to China

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UBurger Goes to China
UBurger is a fast-casual food chain that is committed to serving fresh high quality products to a discerning populace. They specialize in a selection of burgers topped with fresh produce and sauces with three choices of protein - beef, chicken, and vegetarian patties. In addition to their staple burgers, they also serve french fries and milkshakes.
We would like to take UBurger to Shanghai, China to profit from the market for American fast food which has emerged in the industrialized country. UBurger is not the first to follow down this path; many others such as McDonald’s and YUM! Brands have done the same. We feel that these other brands have left an opportunity for a healthier line of food to strive. Given that UBurger does not have the same network of international support as these other brands, a joint-venture would be the best mode of entry to this new market. Real Kung Fu - China’s largest fast food restaurant - would become partners with UBurger in this new venture. As the UBurger Brand grows, we will open additional stores across the nation. Within three years, we will have opened a new location in Beijing and then spread out from there, eventually opening locations in the capitals of all of China’s provinces.
UBurger serves signature burgers that are topped with a variety of fresh produce and sauces in its fast-casual food chain locations. The addition of and attention to this produce and these sauces creates separation from traditional fast food chains and increases our opportunity to gain market share. One such topping is jalapeño peppers which will speak to the local craving for spice in their cuisine. Each of these burgers comes with the choice of protein. The firm offers ground beef which is “ground fresh daily using 100% natural certified angus beef with no hormones or anti-biotics.” (, chicken breast, or a

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