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1. Introduction In Oxford Dictionary, the popularized term UFO is an acronym for “Unidentified Flying Object” which means any object seen in the air that is not identifiable. These unusual aerial phenomena have been discussed and spotting for centuries, however, according to Wikipedia, the UFO craze really started in 1947 from Roswell UFO incident, after the Second World War. Since then, many UFO sightings have been reported worldwide. Yet, almost all of them end up being IFOs – Identified Flying Objects, as bright planets or stars, aircraft, balloons, flares, peculiar clouds, meteors, and satellites. The remaining sightings are hard to confirm due to the lack of photographic taken, inaccurate reporting, or delusions. Some people have given evidences to support the appearance of the UFOs, arguing that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth.
The paper deals with UFOs phenomenon, which is an unexplained aerial event that has happened for a long time. It discusses the evidences of UFOs’ existence and the question of whether we are not alone in this universe as well as the theories surrounding these aerial events. 2. Discussion of findings 2.1. The Evidences For centuries, the UFOs reports have been familiar with people throughout the world. According to UN (2011), it is estimated that since 1947, about 150 million people have witnessed the UFO phenomenon and most of the reports from these people are general sighting. Many picture and video have been taken and recorded to be the evidence of this unexplained aerial event, however, this type of evidence is not convincing enough and hard to confirm due to the lack of the photographic quality, technical problems and photoshop. So if UFOs exist, do they leave some physical evidence? The answer is yes, they do.
The first type of physical evidence is radar evidence. With so many radar tracking systems placed around the world, the UFOs should appear in our radars at least one time if they are flying in our airspace. In fact, according to a report of Peter Sturrock (1997) - a British scientist, from the files of GEPAN/SEPAN ( a unit of French Space Agency whose aim is to investigate unidentified aerospace) and the files from the US Air Force Blue Book project, there are about 177 cases that UFO is detected by radar and also observed by pilots. Unfortunately, after the detection, the object disappeared suddenly on the radar and also in front of the witnesses. However, it gave the fact that UFO could be seen by our radar.
Physical traces are considered to be the second type of the physical evidence. Physical trace is a physical interaction between the UFO and the environment. It includes landing traces, such as depressed grass or soil, burned vegetation and more exotic traces. From a data of 3091 reports took place in 91 countries in the period from 1490 and 2004 carried out by Ted Phillips (2004) - executive director of the center for physical trace research site Index, there are about 3059 cases related to physical traces. As can be seen from the statistics, physical trace gives more substantial evidences whether or not there is an existence of UFOs
Research on third type-injuries to vegetation-provides even stronger evidence of the appearance of the UFOs. According to Sturrock’s report in 1997, in a case occurring in January 8 1981, biologist took a sample of plant from a ground trace and analyzed the biochemical components contained in the plant. The result was very surprising; the entire components had been reduced remarkably, particularly 80% of violaxanthine content and 50-57% of B carotene had been cut down. The above changes normally occur as a result of aging, however, why did only the plant in the ground trace change? Scientist supposed it had been caused by power microwave radiation. Yet, the microwave radiation did not cause the photosynthetic breakdown and other characteristic of the injuries. Such studies may lead to the conclusion that the UFO did it 2.2. The Theories Due to the variety of the evidences, it is usually difficult to reach out a joined up theory for the UFOs phenomenon. However, people all around the world have tried many methods in order to make sense of this aerial event. Here is a collection of theories, which are the three most common explanations related to the UFOs phenomenon.
The hollow Earth theory is considered to be the first explanation. Basically, the theory seems come from an ancient belief that the earth has a hollow world on the inside and it is inhabited by an advanced civilization. This explanation is not widely accepted by most people. There is no doubt that underground cannot receive any sunlight to grow plants and the amount of oxygen, an element that creates life, is little to sustain the life. However, underground is still a mysterious world that human beings still are not be able to explore, therefore, there are some people continuing to believe this theory.
The second explanation is that UFOs are secret military spacecraft. This theory definitely makes sense because if the governments of the world want to test experimental and new aircraft, they would keep this as secret as possible from the general public and also from other nations. However, this theory is not reasonable enough due to the two factors. Firstly, all the aircraft human have nowadays create a quite loud noise when close by, whereas UFOs move silently. Another thing which this theory cannot explain is the sharp turn of the UFOs. This rapid move, which is usually described as “disappear”, can kill any humans inside the spacecraft due to the theory of circular motion.
The most widely accepted and final explanation is the extraterrestrial hypothesis. It is believed that UFOs are the spacecraft from other planets in the universe. Since 1947 from the Roswell UFO case, with many thousands of reports which have been taken, there is a great deal of evidences, which is unexplainable in human beings’ knowledge, to prove that UFOs are not belonged to the Earth. Yet, there are several things that make UFOs hard to believe that they come from other world. Firstly, according to the theory of special relativity proposed in 1905 of Albert Einstein, the speed of light is the maximum speed. Due to the vast distance from the Earth to other planets which takes up several or hundreds years to fly in light velocity, it is impossible that aliens can create a shortcut to reach the Earth. Another factor against this theory is the question of why aliens do not want to communicate with the human. Additionally, scientist still cannot find out the planets that have living creatures like the Earth. In spite of these and many other arguments, this theory is still persuasive to most people. 2.3. Are We Alone In This Universe? For more than 65 years from the Roswell incident according to Wikipedia, the UFOs waves have create a great interest to the general public all around the world. Moreover, it has also posed another question to the human beings of whether or not the Earth is the only planet having living creatures. The answer always seems to be exclusive and out of reach. Yet, it is starting to change. According to Benjamin and Maytag (2011), biologist have found that terrestrial life can live almost everywhere , including in some of the most inhospitable place that human can imagine. Undersea vents and Antarctic ice cap are the two harsh conditions in which life have been found surprisingly. From those two conditions, the Earth has revealed a window into the types of possible alien worlds. Therefore, the search for life continues in other planets of both inside and outside of the solar systems. Although in the moment scientists still stuck to find out the extraterrestrial life, people believe one day the human being can discover. Charles Lineweaver from New South Wales University suggest that it is about 10% of the total planet containing the life and there are 25% of the total that have the same condition with the Sun. “The likelihood of life appearing seems to be very high.” (Hawking 2008) 3. Conclusion The findings above reveal that the UFOs phenomenon has been an unexplainable question for both public and scientist community. Mankind has evidence of the object and bizarre anomalies in the sky that cannot be natural or manmade. However, the unidentified phenomenon is still discounted by the scientific community with uninterested and scornful attitudes. The view on UFOs of mainstream scientific community needs to be changed. Firstly, it is necessary to show this important phenomenon with familiar context, like the discipline of science as it is practiced today. Secondly, it is also crucial to illustrate the tools helping to investigate to reach the conclusion. Finally, the public appears ready to support the research. It is clear that the polices and attitudes of certain government officials and agencies should be changed so that the investigation into these mysterious phenomena can “pass through nature’s looking glass” (Kean 2002) along with the other great discoveries

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