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Wed 27 March 2013 * 17.40 - Arrive to Heathrow Airport Terminal4
(H.T 4> Green Park (Piccadilly line: Navy blue) > Canary Wharf (Jubilee line: Grey)) * 18.40 – London and Check-in * 19.00 – Dinner * 21.00 – Go to Big Ben and London eye (Canary Wharf > Westminster (Jubilee line: Grey – Total 19mins)) * 22.00 – Arrive to hotel

Thu 28 March 2013 * 8.00 – Out from the hotel (Take time around 40 mins to King Cross)
(Canary Wharf > London Bridge (Jubilee line: Grey) > King Cross (Northern line: Black – Total 40mins)) * 9.00 – Arrive to London King Cross Station * 9.15 – Heading to Cambridge * 10.03 – Arrive * 10.10 – Punting at Cambridge * 12.00 – Having Lunch * 13.00 – Walk around University of Cambridge * 15.50 – Go to train station * 16.15 – Go back to London King Cross Station * 17.06 – Arrive to London King Cross * 17.10 – Take a photo at King Cross 9 ¾ Station * 18.30 – Dinner at Assa (Soho) (Tube => Tottenham Court Road) * 20.00 – Dessert at MAGNUM CAFE (Tube => Shepherd’s Bush (Central line: Red)) * 22.00 – Arrive to hotel
(Shepherd’s Bush > Bond Street (Red) > Canary Wharf (Grey))

Fri 29 March 2013 * 9.45 – Out from hotel * 10.30 –Walk around Buckingham Palace (Optional: St’ James’s Palace) (Tube => Canary Wharf > Westminster (Grey) > Victoria station (Green/Yellow) - Total 28mins) * 11.15 - Looking the Queen’ Guard at Buckingham Palace * 12.00 – Lunch at Eat Tokyo (Tube => Victoria > Embankment (Green/Yellow) > Charing cross station (Black) - Total 25mins) * 13.15 – Walk to Trafalgar square and the National museum (optional) * 14.00 – Walking or Tube to London Eye, Millennium Bridge, House of Parliament (Big Ben), Westminster Abbey.
*****NOTE: By TUBE******
The London Eye is located within easy walking distance from several London Underground stations: Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster. * 17.00 - Go to Tower of London, Tower Bridge (Tube => Westminster (District line: Green) > Tower Hill Station – Total 20mins) * 19.00 - Dinner at Four Season (Tube => Tower Hill > Embankment (Green/Yellow) > Leicester Square Station (Black) – Total 28mins) * 22.00 - Go back to hotel (Tube => Leicester Square > Waterloo (Black) > Canary Wharf (Grey))

Sat 30 March 2013 * 7.30 – Out from hotel * 9.15 – At Harry Potter Studio
(Tube => Canary Wharf > Bond Street (Grey) > Shepherd’s Bush (Red) > Watford Junction station (LDN Overground) Total – 1hr 30mins) * 9.30 – Go inside the studio * 12.30 – Go to Covent Garden (Tube => Watford Junction > Willesden Junction (LDN Overground) > Piccadilly Circus (Brown) > Covent Garden station (Navy Blue) – Total 60 mins) * 13.30 – Lunch at Ladule at Covent Garden * 14.30 – Walking around Convent Garden market * 17.00 – Go to Harrods (Tube => Covent Garden > Knightsbridge Station (Piccadilly: Navy Blue) - Total 18mins) * 20.00 – Go to Burger & Lobster (Tube => Knightsbridge > Green Park Station (Navy Blue) - Total 15mins) * 22.00 – Go back to hotel (Green Park > Canary Wharf (Grey) - Total 20mins)

Sun 31 March 2013 * 7.30 – Check out the hotel * 8.00 – Out from hotel and go to the London Euston Station (Canary Wharf > Waterloo (Grey) > Euston – Total 40mins) * 9.00 – Arrive to London Euston * 9.14 – Heading to Manchester * 12.09 – Arrive to Manchester * 12.30 – Lunch * 14.00 - Check-in at Mercure Manchester Piccadilly * 14.30 – Go to Old Trafford Stadium (Tram => Old Trafford Stadium) * 18.00 – Go back to City Centre (Tram => Piccadilly Garden station) * 19.30 – Dinner at Ban Di Bul Korean Restaurant (Tram => St. Peter Square) * 20.30 – Dessert at Wasabi * 22.00 – Go back to hotel Mon 1 Apr 2013 * 8.00 – Check out the hotel * 8.30 – Go to Manchester Piccadilly station * 9.07 – Heading to Liverpool * 9.58 – Arrive to Liverpool Lime Street Station * 10.00 – Breakfast * 11.00 – The Beatle Museum, Albert Dock, Big Wheels, Liverpool Museum, and Free time * 18.00 – Dinner (Express) * 18.20 – Arrive to Liverpool Lime Street Station * 18.48 – Go back to London Euston * 21.05 – Arrive to London Euston * 21.10 – Check-in at Travel Lodge Euston Hotel (Hotel around Euston Station)

Tue 2 Apr 2013 * 9.00 - Check out the hotel * 9.20 – Left Luggage at London Euston Station * 9.30 – Going to Abbey Road (Tube => Euston > Green Park (Blue) > St. John’s Wood Station (Grey) – Total 25mins) * 9.55 – Arrive and Take a photo at Abbey Road * 10.20 - Go to Oxford station (Tube => St. John’s Wood > Bond Street (Grey) – Total 15mins) * 10.35 – Brunch time * 11.30 – Shopping at Bond Street and Oxford * 16.00 – Go to London Euston Station (Bring luggage back)
(Tube => Oxford Circus > Euston (Blue) – Total 15mins) * 16.30 – Heading to the airport (Tube => Euston > Leicester Square (Black) > Terminal4 (Navy Blue) – Total 60mins) * 17.30 – Arrive Heathrow Airport Terminal 4

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