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Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

From the age of four, I was accompanying my mother on her intense rounds of volunteer activities. The constant exposure to food drives, toy drives, and awareness-raising events created in me an intense desire to serve my local community, and to improve the quality of life of those around me.

As I grew older, I became concerned about what I viewed as not enough connection and service within my community. I resolved not to let myself become apathetic or unaware of the needs of the people around me, but instead to become a leader who also inspired others to become involved. I began working independently as a volunteer with several organizations, particularly the Montgomery County Muslim Council
(MCMC) and the Montgomery County Muslim Foundation (MCMF). Through these groups, I have worked to serve underprivileged populations, to empower youth, and to increase public awareness of local and state issues. I have been fortunate to meet with local officials, such as
Montgomery County’s County Executive Isaiah Leggit and County Council
Member George Leventhal, and to witness firsthand how change is created within my local government.

In addition to becoming politically aware, it has been important to me to give back to the community that has shaped me into who I am.
Throughout the year, I work with MCMF to do food drives. During the holidays, I help make and pass out food and supply baskets for the needy. These baskets are distributed to nearly 1,000 families every
Thanksgiving and Christmas. They contain everything one might hope to have at a regular holiday meal. They also include toys for children and new clothes for adults. I have found this to be a wonderful way of lightening spirits and reminding my community that there is more to making a difference besides just being politically active and aware.
It has become my personal goal to help as many people I can, whether through involvement in local government, or by helping a parent see their child excited about a gift they have not been able to get in a long time. I do not go to sleep content unless I have not outdone myself from the day before.

When I get to UMBC, I’m not going to stop – I’m going to bring this attitude with me. I plan to continually use the issues I care about as a springboard to connect with people around me. I will continue making a difference, and staying active, with the hope of making and big and small differences in the world around me.

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