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Umuc Ifsm 300 Case Study, Stage 1

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Case Study, Stage 1:
Business Environment Analysis
Joshua A. Collins-Schaber

The UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center has been slowly losing business for about half a five years. There are many factors that are causing the Fitness Center to lose this business both internally and externally. When it comes to the internal dilemmas, I believe that we can rise to the challenge and better ourselves to improve the Fitness Center. There are going to be times when external issues with other companies that we work with cause problems for our customers, but with the right planning and possible changes, we could be better prepared to overcome these matters with a quick manner or by eliminating the problem all together. There are many influences that are going to sway our customers from continuing to be a part of our Fitness Center, some that we will be able to control and others that will surprise us, but we should constantly be working for the better. For example, we have heard about the Gold’s Gym that is moving in a couple blocks down the road and there is nothing that we can do about this! They are one of our bigger competitors moving into our area and give our customers another alternative option to work out at their facility. As one of our bigger competitors, Gold’s Gym has a reputation that is well known across the country. In the past, we have run out of popular items that are constantly selling in our fitness center, and other items used to work out. We need to expect more from our current suppliers or negotiate into better deals with new suppliers so that we can provide their product to our customer when the product is desired. With Gold’s Gym moving in close on our territory, we are also going to need to increase our standards within our Fitness Center, as customers are now going to have more options of places to work out, so that we can give the customers what...

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