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Business Decision of Uncertainty: Free Flu Vaccinations QNT/561 - Applied Business Research and Statistics Ken LeCour, M.B.A. & M.S.Q.A. January 14, 2013

Business Decision of Uncertainty: Free Flu Vaccinations As an employee of United Parcel Service, (UPS) I had some attractive employee benefits: stock options, 401k, personal and vacation days, education reimbursement, health care insurance with low co-pays, and expense allowances for management employees. In addition, the company would supply Christmas turkeys and many times a small bonus. Besides these charitable benefits, the company offered free flu vaccination to any employee who desired one. UPS promoted the free vaccination by handing-out coupons for flu shots that was administered at the local pharmacy, hospital or med center. The benefit of developing healthy workforce is two-fold offering a more productive work environment and limiting absenteeism which is associated with the flu. The flu vaccination potentially can provide a tremendous return on investment. So using the cost on return allowed me to investigate and compare the benefit to cost. Research The cost and benefit the company receives from vaccinated employees as compared with the benefits of receiving a free flu vaccination. Listed are the various probabilities: * Probability of catching the flu * Probability vaccinated and catching the flu * Percentage of the population who receive the flu vaccine each...

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