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If you have ever wanted to poke around inside people with sharp objects then Trauma Center: Under The Knife is as close as you'll get without becoming a doctor (or serial killer.) It is the tale of a rookie surgeon, Derek Stiles starting out at Hope Hospital. You'll have to assist Derek with saving the lives of the people on the operating table. Do well and you will uncover a sinister medical terrorism plot that can change the world.

While a tad melodramatic at times, the plot is engaging enough and told via a 2D visual novel style between operations. You will get to know your fellow staff members and also learn more about Derek. Once it is time to operate, the view switches to a 3D model of the surgical area. Squeamish folk don't have to worry as the visuals are not gruesome. You'll see some blood and organs but it never veers towards the gory.
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There are ten tools at your disposal and you will often have to switch between them very rapidly. You will have to select the right tools for the job and use them in the correct order to keep your patient alive. You are ranked after each operation so make sure you follow the instructions correctly. It can feel a bit restrictive but then again a lot of medical procedures are performed according to strict guidelines.

Don't mistake Trauma Center for a simulation game however. It is much more of an arcade game and will test your reflexes. Operations have to be performed within a strict time limit and you are only allowed a certain number of mistakes. It is definitely not a game that is easy to pick up and play if you have been away from it for a while as it is easy to forget important steps or procedures. Derek eventually discovers that he has the "healing touch" which is basically the medical equivalent of bullet time but the game still remains quite

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