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Undercover Boss Job Analysis

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Olympia Lewis
Professor Kenneth Lewis
HRM 530

As CEO of Donatos Pizza, I am going to compare 2 positions from Undercover- Boss season 5 episodes 3 and perform a job analysis of each position. Also, I will describe my method of collecting the information for the job analysis, create a job description from the job analysis. Lastly, I would justify my belief that the job analysis and job description are in compliance with state and federal regulations.

My name is Olympia Payne Lewis, CEO of Donato Pizza, a family owned business that’s been operating for over 50 years. Donato pizzas vision is “To give a good thing”, and our Motto is to “Treat others the way you want to be treated” Our brand was so good that McDonalds bought our brand as a subsidiary.
Today, I decided to link up with a reality show called Undercover Boss to see exactly how our brand is being represented by our employees. In this episode, I went undercover as a geeky like worker named Cathy. The purposes of my assignments are to see what level of customer service each employee offers to customers, to see if employees are doing their assigned job descriptions, and to find out if any employees are breaking rules or representing the brand in a inappropriate manner. I went to 4 locations to see how things were running. I am going to critique the following positions that I encountered; Delivery driver, &
The Cashier.

Day 1
Delivery Driver- is responsible for taking the product to customers home within the guidelines of the law.
He or she must be respectful, courteous, and represent Donato in a professional positive manner. Today, I dealt with Aaron, the delivery driver. Instantly, he starts breaking down the position and the job requirements. As, he rapidly explain the ins and outs of the job, he allowed me to look at each area and...

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