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Becoming An Undercover Police Officer

Farmers,Suzanne J. Becoming an undercover police officer: a note on fairness perceptions, behavior, and attitudes. Journal of Organizational Behavior. June 2003. Web.

Wrtter Farmers Suzanne J talks about how Police organizations tend to be closed to outsiders, but undercover police work is an especially unique and secretive occupation. Typically, undercover officers are chosen from among the ranks of people already in a given police force. Their choice is therefore a process involving 'internal' movement of organization members as opposed to the more commonly studied external applicant pools. The study focuses on attitudes and behaviors of police undergoing the process of moving into their department's undercover program.
Dodge, Mary. Puttin' on the sting: women police officers' perspectives on reverse prostitution assignments. International Journal of Police Science & Management: summer 2005. Web.

In this article Dodge, Mary is explaining that The role of women in policing in the United States has changed dramatically since Alice Stebbins Wells became the first female to join the Los Angeles Police Department in 1910. Reverse prostitution sting operations have created a distinctive role for female officers. Some commentators speculate that a male police officer who puts himself in the position of a ‘john’ or a female officer who acts as a prostitute in sting operations is bound to feel degraded and humiliated.

Love, Kevin G. Symptoms of undercover police officers: A comparison of officers currently, formerly, and without undercover experience. International Journal of Stress Mangement. May 2008. Web.

In this article Love, Kevin G is saying that police officers and others associated with “high-risk” professions (e.g., firefighters, air traffic controllers, and emergency medical technicians) are prone to increased levels of physiological and psychological strain and indeed trauma because of the nature of their work. There's a range of potential causes for police officer stress in the context of developing measures of job-specific stressors.

O'Shaughnessy, Elise. Undercover mom. Good Housekeeping. September 1999.Web.

This article is about a Detective Debbie Cochran's career as an undercover police officer with the Narcotics Bureau of the Tampa Police Department and examines how she reconciles her job with her role as a mother. At work, she takes down drug dealers. At home, she raises two young daughters. Violence and love. Danger and devotion. Welcome to the two worlds of Detective Debbie Cochran. This article talks about how detective Debbie Cochran mange to balance out her career and family.

Dodge, M., Starr-Gimeno, D., & Williams,T. (2005). Puttin' on the sting: women police officers' perspectives on reverse prostitution assignments. International Journal of Police Science and Management. doi:10.1350/ijps.

Farmer,S.J., Beehr,T.A., & Love,K.G. (2003). Becoming an undercover police officer: a note on fairness perceptions, behavior, and attitudes.Journal of Organizational Behavior. doi:10.1002/job.196

Love,K.G., Vinson,J., Tolsma,J., & Kaufmann,G. (2008). Symptoms of Undercover Police Officers: A Comparison of Officers Currently, Formerly, and Without Undercover Experience.International Journal of Stress Management.

Shaughnessy,E.O. (1999). Undercover mom.Good Housekeeping,229(3), 132- 134.…...

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