Understand and Coping with Change

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Understanding and Coping with Change

Stephanie Anderson

BUS610 Organizational Behavior

Instructor: Shawna Wentlandt

August 19, 2013

We live in exhilarating times. Western civilization is witnessing the greatest changes everywhere since the Industrial Revolution. If we want a deeper understanding of the prospect of change, we are forced to pay heed to our own powerful inclinations to avoid change. Most people have a low tolerance for change because we are individuals of habit that follow mindless daily routines. In nature, growth involves periodic accelerations and transformations. Initially, things appear to progress slowly. Nothing seems to occur when suddenly, an egg shell cracks, a blossom blooms, or a butterfly emerges. In fact, when it comes to forces of nature, the most widely addressed and studied topic is what physicists call entropy – the process by which dynamic systems that include (a) people, (b) organizations, (c) automobiles, and (d) solar systems, gradually fall apart. It is hard to make significant changes in any human group without changing an individual’s behavior and the underlying meaning that gives rise to their behavior (Kegan & Lahey, 2001). Once change does occur, it is inevitably disruptive. The fact is Americans in general have always been in some state of transition with Old World families that can be traced back to the home of their ancestors. New destinations and new career opportunities keep people moving driven by faith and a belief of better things to come. Even though it opens the doors to new opportunities, most people are hesitant to embrace change.
An extensive transformation is taking place in organizational management between employers and employees. The lessons learned about how job security, training, and internal development that improve employee assurance and performance, have given way to a…...