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Understanding Consumer Behavior


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Understanding Consumer Behavior

Week 3 and 4 CanGo Analysis Report

Team D – The Achievers
Joselyn Palmeri
Rodger Phillips
Viridiana Saenzpardo
Brenda Thomas
Carlene Watson

Business 460 Senior Project
February 3, 2013

Issue #1: No process flow chart, complaints and returns were biggest problems last year – Rodger Phillips Implementing a process flow chart for the processes at CanGo is important, because they do not currently have one and it would really benefit the company as a whole. It is also important because helps with accountability and knowing who, what, when, where, and why.
Recommendation #1
By creating a flow chart, CanGo will be better able to more easily manage processes at CanGo. The flow chart will help break down the overall processes into sub-processes. That is what makes them easier to manage. Complaints and returns were the biggest complaints from the previous year. If CanGo implements the use of a flow chart, they will be able to break down the process of handling customer service into sub-processes. The sub-processes would include taking phone calls, responding to emails, shipping, inventory, and finance.
2) Still little financing available
3) Sales = Evaluation and purchase fall off in purchases
4) Lack of knowledge pertaining to who is buying and where they are located
5) Lack of efficiency in picking orders in warehouse
Issue #2: CanGo must find hidden clients to increase marketing and sales strategies – Brenda Thomas
Behind every decision to buy whether the item is a service or a product, an argument or an idea, the hidden agenda is motivation. People do not follow you because they have been deceived; they follow you because they believe in you. They buy from you because you understand their values, their wants, and their needs. People will make an active decision to support you based upon the way you

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