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woven is made of interweaving of warp and weft knits structure formed by interlacing of loops

shirt, trousers, jeans - all woven round neck tees, track pants, polos, socks, sweaters - all knits

if it stretches, its knits

yarn - dhaga loom - machine on which woven fabric are made in 1851, it was handlooms now, there are machine looms

only 2 types of textile - knits, woven

woven - chiffon, georgette, silk, tusser, tusser silk, silk goergette, denims knits - different types of fabric and different blends; single jersey (can have just cotton, cotton viscose, cotton poly), ribbed (only pearl)

leather is not a fabric. leather can only be stitched on a flat lock. there are other separate machines.

cotton is a yarn (the base material) single jersey, chiffon are fabrics you can do cotton in ribbed structure also

hosiery - socks, pantyhose, stockings, leggings - all knits

couture - custom designs - made to order - 52 are recognized - tal lancman, maurizio galante (designers) valanteno pret-a-porter (pret) - armani showrooms (ready to wear) - more elite

mass market - gap

haut (pronounced "hoth) - high class monde - world

3 types of sowing machines - flat lock (detailing in the knits - like hems), over lock (used for knits), lockstitch (used for wovens)

3-4 seasons vs. zara every 2 weeks

hose is weather dependant? yes, ppl wear it when it's colder

stockings have more denier -- how closely the fabric has been knit

how to pronounce porter

invisible seams?

custom bodyforms

dyeing - first wash fabric, min. orders huge, dyeing machine.

cutting - machine which you have to control, put paper pattern on top of the top most fabric, then trace pattern on top cloth with chalk, then cut w/ fancy scissors

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