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Understanding Leadership

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Module 1 - Understanding Leadership
I am a Finance Manager within a hospital having started in this role eight months ago. The organisation has recently undergone a large number of changes in senior management and there is a large number of interim staff which has been unsettling and has led to the organisation having a lack of direction and leadership. There is also a proposal to merge the organisation with a neighbouring hospital, which is unsettling for the workforce and the security of their jobs in the future. I manage a team of four members of staff who are all finance and senior finance assistants, the majority of whom have worked in the organisation for several years.
This essay is about leadership styles in the workplace and the impact these have on the behaviour of members of staff, including a review my own preferred leadership style. In this task I have used my experiences with my team and the general management around me to apply and provide relevant examples of various leadership theories.
1. Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations
Under the Hersey-Blanchard Theory of Situational Leadership (Hersey and Blanchard, 1969) managers should aim to adapt their leadership style to the given situation. It is based on the amount of direction (task behaviour) and the amount of socio-emotional support (relationship behaviour) a leader is required to provide. The combination of these that should be used in a given situation is dependent on various factors that should influence the choice of style as follows:- * Learning level of member of staff: - the leadership style adapted to a given situation should take into account the competence level of the member of staff who is being given the task or responsibility. The development stage takes into account both the person’s skill...

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