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Understanding Organisiations and the Role of Human Resources

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Understanding Organisations and the role of Human Resources

The author of this assignment will describe his findings on how HR activities in an organisation support a organisations strategy and how they assist the achievement of business objectives in a modern world through internal and external factors. An organisation will encounter all kinds of problems and can be affected by culture, size, law and many others. By looking at these factors a person can understand how Human resources and Learning and development can help to ensure an organisation will survive in its environment. According to Shein.E (1988) Organisational Psychology in: Mullins.L (1985) Management and Organisational Behaviour a pitman publishing imprint “a formal organisation is the planned co-ordination of the activities of a number of people for the achievement of some common, explicit purpose or goal, through division of labour and function, and through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.” The purpose of (company name ) Is to forward customers tangible goods to (company Name) to build cars, to become globally recognised and to be the most dominant and profitable supplier of third party logistics service to the chosen clients by offering standards of excellence unachievable by competitors. A Swot analysis quoted by Mullins.L (1985) Management and organisational Behaviour Financial Times Pitman Publishing Imprint “can offer a number of potential advantages for helping to evaluate corporate performance”, “the swot analysis is a look at an organisations environmental setting and can help an organisation with decision making and problem solving.” This can help it run more smoothly or to expand by looking at its internal and external factors. When looking at internal factors it’s what is known as a micro environment meaning an...

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