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Understanding Philosophy and Its Benefits

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Understanding Philosophy and its Benefits
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Understanding Philosophy and its Benefits 1
Many of Plato’s dialogues such as the Euthyphro, Apology, Crito and Phaedo are based upon the same reoccurring theme, the defense of the study of philosophy. Plato’s dialogues notable for their depth in a relatively narrow framework, attempt to argue the benefits of philosophical reasoning through essence, knowledge and truth.
To understand the benefits of philosophy one must pose the question, what is philosophy? Ironically, philosophy in itself is a reflexive question. It is this bidirectional theory that makes philosophy so profoundly intellectual. It becomes reason as to why trying to find out what philosophy actually is inevitably becomes a way of not only studying philosophy but doing philosophy. By textbook definition, philosophy is the attempt to use reason and logic to answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality and human nature. This definition represents a vexing philosophical issue, how can we attempt to answer these questions in a definite manner? Well, in retrospect Philosophy pursues questions rather than answers.
Plato uses dialogue to aide clarity and understanding to those ideas and questions that fall outside of the “scientific domain”. After reading Plato’s dialogues, one can note that, Socrates never comes to any definite conclusion to any of the questions he poses. For example, in the Euthyphro, we are never fully able to determine a definition of piety and justice, but we do become more knowledgeable of the essence of piety and justice. Essence, being a form or characteristic that makes something what it is, while definition sets limits and boundaries. Essence and its entities lead us into another of the reoccurring benefits that Plato emphasizes throughout his dialogues.
Plato’s reasoning for the demonstration of...

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