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Part III: Understanding Plagiarism
Background: According to a 2002 survey by UConn's Department of English: Freshmen Writing Program: Nearly 30% of responding students admitted to having knowingly plagiarized at least once. Nearly 43% of responding students admitted to unknowingly plagiarizing at least once. It is because of this, that the FYE program designed the following assignment in an effort to introduce students to the concept of academic integrity, specifically, what is plagiarism, how is it defined here at UConn, and how you can avoid accidentally plagiarizing. The goals and objectives specifically for this assignment are to 1) develop a direct awareness of plagiarism and its responses, 2) continue to cultivate research skills, 3) increase participation and skills in leading class discussions, and 4) continue to develop critical analysis of written work.
Steps for Success:
1. Pre-Test: Log into HuskyCT and take the plagiarism self-evaluation pre-test.
2. Initial Research: Investigate and read resources found on the Internet - both UConn specific (Plagiarism Resources , Freshman English Module ) and beyond (Talking About Plagiarism , Plagiarism & The Web , Plagiarism: What it is and How to Recognize and Avoid it ) in order to gain a greater understanding of plagiarism, the meaning of academic integrity , and the do's and don'ts associated with research and citations. Please post your notes and findings to the attached discussion board on the prompts below:
a. What is plagiarism, and how is it defined by UConn and the other resources you consulted? Has your understanding of plagiarism changed? If so, how?
b. Under UConn's Academic Integrity Policy, is it considered wrong to present the same paper or project in two or more courses without the permission of the instructor? Based upon your research, how has your definition or understanding of academic integrity/academic dishonesty changed?
c. List two (2) do's and three (3) don'ts associated with research and citations in order to avoid the implication of plagiarism.
3. Paper Critique Prompt: Now that you've researched what plagiarism is, and how it is defined both by UConn and the academic community at large, go to a website that allows you to download already written research papers for free, such as Term Paper Warehouse or Cheating 101: Internet Paper Mills. Download one paper or excerpt of a paper (any topic) and analyze it for its strengths and weaknesses. Bring your research notes on plagiarism and a copy of the essay (downloaded or hard copy) to our next class where we will discuss plagiarism in greater detail. During this class, you will all take a turn leading the class by discussing your critique of the paper/essay you found.

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