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Understanding the Process of Change Is a Key to Successfully Transformed Organization

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Understanding the Process of Change is a Key to Successfully Transformed Organization
Japeth Jacob
Massey school of Engineering
26 April 2010

Process of change is the key. Change can be brought about only and if we understand the process of change. This paper presents the major obstacle to change and the major failure leader often overlook. Change takes time and cost money. The objective of the paper is to discuss the failure of ineffective transformation and clarifying the process for change to save guide leaders to successfully implement effective transformation.
Keywords: Five Ps, Resistance, Vision, Strategy, tactics and People

Today change is universal. Change is essential in both public and private sector organization to be competitive in today’s turbulent environment. Often leaders failed to successfully transform their organizations in achieving their business goals. In fact, most of the leaders fails to understand the type of resistance involve, therefore ending up wasting a lot time in inappropriate measure of trying to solve the problem. Further more we often miss some of the significant part of the transformation process in which our change efforts turns to be not that

effective as we expect to. In order to successfully bring transformation we need to sail out to all the three islands of change

Change is dealing more with the behaviors. As often when trying to get people out of their comfort zones it’s really difficult due to resistance. Likewise, the resistance faced may differ due to the types of change we are trying to implement. “The resistance to change is triggered by the loss of security and the reduction in worker’s sense of autonomy and self-control (Randell, 2004)”. According to Plant Roger (1987) resistance comes essentially in two forms: * Systematic resistance which…...

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