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Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School

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Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School
Even though the percentage of students that achieve graduation has increased during the past hundred years, dropping out of school persist as a problem that interferes with the future of our society. Dropping out is defined as leaving school early without achieving a diploma. Many students feel that dropping out is the best option when facing personal or academic difficulties and for them school attendance becomes a burdensome responsibility. The reasons contributing to student’s decision to leave school are varied but, some of the major factors for dropping out in our community include: Academic difficulty and failure, lack of interest in learning, and pregnancy and parenthood at young age.
Struggling in school and failing classes are some of the main reasons students leave school before graduating. Students who receive poor grades, who repeat a grade, or who are over-age for their class are more likely to drop out. Students who have difficulty understanding any particular subject, failing tests, who are behind school assignments, and have low attendance, usually are at high risk to give up school before graduation.
Another key aspect that is consistently cited as a factor that influences a student choice to give up school and achieve graduation is the lack of motivation and apathy to learn and attend school. These students often state that the subjects are not interesting, that they have bad relationships with teachers and peers, and that the school rules are unnecessary. These students usually get bored and frustrated with the school system that don’t seem to be relevant to their life and often search for other alternatives outside the school that are more appealing, fun, and attractive for them, such as getting a job or starting a career that may promise earnings without education.
Unplanned pregnancy and…...

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