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Undocumented Immigrants

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Why I believe immigrants come to America? I believe they come to America to have a better life, and get money to provide for their families. Immigrants come to America to seek freedom and different opportunities they cannot get in their homeland. Why should immigrants have to be deported back to their homeland because they have no rights in America which is supposed to be the “Land of the Free”. These people we call “immigrants” are the same people who would do anything to stay in the country.They do work us Americans don't like to take part in and wouldn't lift a finger doing. Immigrants actually want to work in U.S, they wants something good for themselves. This is the dream, they come to pursue a dream they wouldn't be able to get back home. They see America as their way to happiness and a better life. So why not let immigrants try to pursue a dream and find happiness instead of judging them and wanting to kick them out if the country. If they aren't doing any harm, why want them leave? Freedom is a big part of why immigrants come to America. Immigrants are people just as Americans, they aren't nothing less. They fight just like Americans fight to survive in the country. What would us Americans do if they were an immigrant living in poverty raising themselves? Yes some Americans do raise themselves but not all live in poverty.(Weeden, L. Darnell) No one should be judged by where they come from, who they are, or how they look. Us people use the quote “ Don't judge a book by its cover.” But not all of us follow what we say. Us people never know who someone is until you give them a change no matter who they are or what they are. We need to understand that wrong is wrong. People are in such denial and forget what the real issues are in the world. Let immigrants have freedom as long as they make a commitment to obey the law and rules.(Weeden, L. Darnell)...

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