Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for the educated and uneducated for earning one's livelihood. Unemployment problem has become a great concern all over the world. But nowhere in the world is this problem as acute as in Bangladesh. Thousands of people in our country are without any job. In 2010, Bangladesh’s unemployment rate was 5.1% (Source: Bangladesh Burrow of Statistics).
Source: UN data, Country Profile: Bangladesh
Cause of unemployment:
Bangladesh, suffers from large-scale underemployment; especially in agriculture, a large part of the population could be removed without reducing agricultural output. Beyond agriculture, disguised unemployment also exists in industries, offices and organizations, particularly in the public sector. Unemployment among the educated youths is rather high in Bangladesh. The unemployment rate for the population having secondary education and above is significantly higher than those with a lower level of education. The unemployment rate for educated women is higher compared to the male population. In Bangladesh salaried employment in the formal sectors is not big enough to take care of the huge number of unemployed. Employment promotion, especially, creation of self-employment opportunities, continues to be the most important function of the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training. The Fifth Five-Year Plan (1997-2002) had set a target of creating additional employment of 6.35 million persons. Of this, 1,60,000 persons are expected to be engaged in self-employment. Emphasis had been given on training and credit support to women entrepreneurs in micro cottage industries and other traditional and non-traditional sectors including skill development for service industries and other non-farm activities. Bangladesh has a rather high rate of Inflation rate 10.2% (May of…...