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“According to the United States Department Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics office, Mississippi’s unemployment rate was 11.5 percent as of April 2010” (BLS, 2010, para. 10). It is not an easy experience to become unemployed; however, this is becoming a reality in these traumatic economic times. The unemployment rate is high, unemployment benefits are running out, and the job growth is still at an all-time low. Although future programs look promising, the current regulations and obstacles the unemployed are facing today is in dire need of change.
The current regulation and compensation laws provide unemployment benefits based on federal and state laws. This compensation programs is maintained by the state in which they provide benefits to the unemployed who qualify for unemployment insurance. “In Mississippi, the employer pays the cost of unemployment insurance. To be eligible to receive Mississippi unemployment benefits you must:
• Be unemployed through no fault of your own
• Be able to work
• Be available to work
• File a claim for benefits
• Serve a one-week waiting period
• Have earned sufficient wage credits
• Be registered for work at the WIN Job and Claims Center in your area
The amount of the benefit is determined by the amount of wages in your base period, which is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the effective date of your claim” (Lawyers.com, 2010).
While a few programs are in place to assist the unemployed there are obstacles preventing the unemployed from receiving benefits. Eligibility is one of the biggest obstacles that affect a majority of the unemployed. The employee’s who worked part-time or were laid off after being employed a few months will not qualify for unemployment insurance. This is mostly low-income workers, seasonal workers, and women who are in this category (USA Today, 2010). Another…...