Unethical Behavior of Sales Agents

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A Literature Review of Unethical Behavior of Sales Agents
Marilia Gabriela Vieira De Melo
Franklin Pierce University

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Introduction …………………………………………………………………………

Business ethics has many issues that are relevant in many aspects of business. This type of behavior begins mostly because of the relationship between the salesperson and the buyer or buying organization. That relationship can be led by a great ethical attitude which will create a nice environment and a good brand image or by an unethical behavior that may do the opposite along with the time. Unethical behavior are a type of issue in the business world that sales agent probably see as the easiest way to go in the sales moment. Sales agent have to make decisions in the rush or pressure of a sales moment in response to customers, demands, and competitive offers which may end up creating a tendency for ethical conflicts. Ethical and unethical behavior affects customers and companies directly but there is different type’s ways suggested by studies to prevent and keep ethical behavior.
In the article “Ethical Salesperson behavior in Sales Relationship” the authors Hansen & Riggle agree that ethics deal with “ moral judgments, standards, and rules of conduct, comprises a moral code of conduct governing individuals and societies in determining what is right or wrong”. The authors complete it saying that “ethical behavior in the sales relationship context denotes behaviors on the part of the salesperson that promote the welfare of the customer” (p.152).
According to the same article sales agent that behave in an ethical manner usually are honest in everything that they say, regularly they will sell only those products and services they believe that will benefit the customer, promise only things that they can get done according to what was said, and keep customer…...