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Unethical Marketing

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The Ethics of Marketing to Children:
The Unethical Side

The Ethics of Marketing to Children:
The Unethical Side

The Ethics of Marketing to Children: The Unethical Side


Introduction: What is Unethical Marketing? 2 Why are Children Targeted? 3 How are Children Targeted? 4 Nag Factor 4 Psychology 4 Brand Loyalty 5 Buzz Marketing 5 The Internet 5 Technology 6 Sexualisation of Children 7 Case Studies 8 Jours Après Lunes 8 Pink 9 Conclusion: What can we do? 10 Bibliography 11

Introduction: What is Unethical Marketing?

Unethical marketing is a complex topic. Whether practices are considered ethical or not can be openly discussed and examined. It is not until we have a clear understanding of what ethics is that we can begin to examine the unethical side of marketing.
Ethics is known as the study and the philosophy of human behaviour, with an emphasis on the determination of right and wrong. For a marketer it refers to rules, such as standards and principles, and the significances of marketing decisions (Ferrell, 2005). Ethical marketing can be defined as “practices that emphasize transparent, trustworthy, and responsible personal and organizational marketing policies and actions that exhibit integrity as well as fairness to consumers and other stakeholders” (Murphy, Laczniak, Bowie and Klein, 2005). If ethical marketing seeks to promote honesty, equality and responsibility, therefore unethical marketing endorses a dishonest, deceptive and irresponsible approach. There is no list of right or wrong advertising rules, as it is based on subjective judgement, but merely guidelines which all marketers should follow, nonetheless not all abide to these procedures.
In this essay I will discuss; why and how children are targeted by unethical marketing in today’s society, how technology has allowed this procedure to...

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