Unethical Police Operations

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The actions of police are watched very closely. To the public, they are seen as those who protect and preserve the peace. However, there have been many situations in which victims have had to testify against a police officer because of some type of misconduct. When this happens, it takes a serious toll on the entire community. Trust becomes ruined, and in most cases the victim is left with a mental scar. Police officers have ethics that they are expected to follow. In the cases where they do not follow these ethics, they have to deal with more serious offenses. [Because of the special role that officers play in society, federal courts and professional perspectives place restrictions on an officer’s behavior on and off duty] (University Of Phoenix, 2012, p. 1). In this paper, I will explain unethical police operations. I will describe the extent of police corruption, misconduct and brutality in the United States. I will also Research two current cases on police corruption and brutality.
Just because an officer wears a uniform does not give him or her the right to use his or her authority for personal gain. Officers are expected to follow certain ethics and rules just as we are. Police corruption and misconduct happens every day. A situation of police corruption occurs when an officer bribes a criminal to pay him or her in large sums of money without receiving any other type of penalty, overlooking violations of the law. There are also cases in which officers receive drugs from criminals in turn that they will not penalize them. Another type of police corruption is playing favorites. This happens where an officer usually allows his or her friend to go without a ticket in a traffic violation. This poses a threat to the community because an officer is basically giving someone the right to commit traffic offenses, placing other’s lives in danger. This behavior is…...