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I was enjoying my senior year of college, it was all about parties. I had an amazing car and some pretty awesome friends. I say I had, because I lost everything.

December 31 - New Years Eve

I was on the road and heading to my friend Andrea’s house. She recently moved and had the crazy idea to throw a new year’s eve party. Only thing is, she forgot to text me the address. I had to pull over into a gas station, my tank was on ‘E’. I went inside to speak with the clerk. The cutest little boy held the door open for me. How polite? Grown ups aren’t even that polite any more, I thought to myself.
“Thank you” I said to the little boy.
“You’re welcome miss” he replied.
I looked at his mother, “you have such an adorable kid.” I said.
“Thanks,” she said as she returned my smile.
The little boy had blue piercing eyes with dark brown hair. He looked to be about 8, maybe 9. He was a spitting image of my little brother. I walked up to the clerk, “40 on 3 please.” I checked my cell phone for any missed calls and decided to give Andrea a call. “This is Andrea, you know what to do!” Beep. I hung up. I continued to pour gas into my car. Once finished I pulled out, and I was on the road once again.

No traffic! Just the way I like it, I murmured to myself. I was going about 7 miles over the speed limit, there wasn’t any traffic. I dug my phone out of my bag and called Andrea. “This is Andrea, you know what to do!” Beep. Frustrated, I decided to just shoot her a text instead.
“Drea, did you forget something?” Send.
She replied, “sorry, I am so busy with decorations. I didn’t hear the phone ring.”
“Well if you want my help hurry up and send me the new address.” Send.
“By the way I got the cutest dre…….”
My attention was back on the road as I heard the screeching of tires and the horns of cars.
“Watch where you’re going, IDIOT!” The angry driver...

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