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Uniform Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices

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The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most rapidly growing science based industries in terms of remarkable capabilities in both the manufacture and technology. India being among one of the five pharmaceutical emerging markets has an average annual growth of 8-9 percent with an approximate worth of $ 4.5 billion. With more new drug launches, new drug applications, phase II clinical trials taking place this year the growth can be expected to be 13-14 percent in the future.
Considering the rise in the pharmaceutical sector and to bring about uniformity in the marketing of these drugs, a Code has been introduced by the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP), Government of India. This code named as Uniform Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (UCPMP) was introduced on December 12, 2014 and became effective from January 01, 2015. UCPMP initially set to be a voluntary code for the Pharmaceutical Industries was then decided to be made as statutory Code when DoP was urged by the Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI). UCPMP is expected to facilitate good marketing practices, increased levels of transparency and accountability across healthcare industry and remove ambiguity on all aspects of marketing by the pharmaceutical industries.
The code covers various parameters like the general points to be followed by the industry, claims and comparisons related to other products, textual and audiovisual promotional matter, ethical behavior of medical representatives, handling and dealing of samples, prohibition of gifts, relationship with the health care professionals, mode of operation, complaint handling, complaint lodging procedure, penalty provisions pertaining to the UCPMP and self declaration by a Board of Director i.e the executive head of the pharmaceutical company.
The code prohibits...

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