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Amanda Blythe
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May 26, 2013

In society today there are many types of opportunities for Americans to achieve the American dream, such as having a high quality career or owning a business of your own. However, many will argue the discrimination on my different levels will hiders certain people from achieving such dream. Is having a unique name one of the discrimination in society that would cause a person to fall in between the cracks and cause them not to achieve high? In my opinion, I believe the having a name that is very unique causes discrimination that can make it almost impossible for a American lifestyle of the family, white picket fence and a booming career. Today in our world parents choose name that are not traditional names. The younger parents and the more urban parents tend to choose names such as Sadiquah and Tyrek. Beginning from childhood the discrimination comes where people of todays’ society will say that those children come the ghetto. Those children are already put into a category that will already hinder that way they think or grow up. They end up following that path that their name already chooses for them. Some children end up escaping that path that was probably destine for them and grow smart individuals who attended college and give back to the society. However, when it comes to handing in the resume for a job. A source states that job applicants with white names had a 50% chance of getting a callback over those who had African-American names. If that were the case then those resumes end up in the reject pile. Moreover names those are of African-American decent that also very unique probably would get no call back for an interview. I feel that no one should be judge by their name and or their background. Some of the best workers come from people that have unique name or some of the best people come from poverty or the ghetto. There needs to be some Federal regulation to crack down on the discrimination against certain people.

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