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The New Metrics Analysis, Workforce Scorecard
Zuhour Sarsour
Globe University/Minnesota School of Business
Masters Business Administration
MG545, Human Capital
Instructor: Holly Tapper, J.D., M.B.A
October 13, 2012

The article, “The new metrics: how to develop your own workforce scorecard” clearly identifies an organizations need for a workforce scorecard. The article itemizes the process to create a workforce scorecard which is the measurement of intangible assets, specifically, human capital within an organization. The author was clear and concise in the presentation of the related concepts.
Managerial Style of the Author
My impression of the author’s presentation throughout the article was that he was easily understood. The author was very clear in introducing the reasons for the needs of scorecards. The author began the article by identifying the key reasons that scorecards are needed within an organization. He explained that scorecards contribute to the accuracy of a company’s Human Resource operational and cost efficient matters. The author goes on to clarify HR metrics and its importance on the execution of a business’s strategic goals as well as the CEO’s decision making.
Throughout the article the author was clear. I felt that the author’s main strength was the way that he organized the article. The brief explanation of what a scorecard is and its functions gives the reader insight on the entire HR concept. He follows the explanation with a sample of an employee scorecard. I felt that this put the reader into perspective. The reader could clearly understand the author’s thoughts. This was followed by a step by step schedule of how the scorecard results were drawn. He identifies questions that need to be answered within a scorecard.
The key elements of HR metrics are not in the HR function, but in the workforce, Huselid...

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